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Branding thru People

Professional Image

This program uses the art and science of image consulting to define the brand of the organization thru each person. Program Outcomes: Define the visual signature of the team. Enhance the team’s visual impact as it connects to the brand. Define practical strategies to implement as a signature

Etiquette and Protocol 

This program uses the finesse, courtesy, values of respect and courtesy applied in the fast-paced and diverse culture of organizations today. Program Outcomes: Define behavior aligned to core values. Learn modern etiquette. List practical strategies to implement as a team.


Customer Experience

Customer Service is simply reacting.  Customer Experience is creating and tapping into the customer’s thoughts and feelings that will keep them loyal to your brand and company.  

Program outcomes: Define customer experience authentic to the vision and mission of the organization. List practical strategies to improve customer experience.  



LEGO Serious Play

Discover creativity, innovation and open communication thru SERIOUS PLAY. We literally play with bricks to unlock deep thoughts, practical strategies and even improve teamwork. Don’t think its just play. Its serious play. Seriously.

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