Enrich your child this summer thru the personality development programs of Icon via  ZOOM meeting. See you!

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  1. We’re interested to know more about Lego Build and Play, Could you discuss rates and schedule available? thanks!

  2. Hi!,

    How many sessions are these?

  3. Hi, could you give us more information about the Lego build & play workshop? Thanks!

  4. Kindly provide further details on Photography for kuds

  5. Hi im interested with lego build and play
    How much is it and how many sessions
    Do you have a program list ?

  6. Hi. Im interested with modeling for my 2 kids. Pls Send your price quotation. Thank you.

  7. hi Im interested with modeling workshop , can you please send me details. Thank you

  8. Thank you for your messages. Please send us your name and number thru mobile 0918 9075383 or telephone 3636800 so we can assist you

  9. how much for modellinb workshop? how many sessions & what day? my daughter is 5 y/o. tnx

  10. Hello there,
    My daughter is very much interested. May I request for a full details please?

  11. Hi,

    Please provide more details on basic photography.

  12. How much for modeling workshop?
    How many session?
    My daughter is 6years old

  13. Hi im interested fot my 11 years old daughter

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